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Workout summary from last night!

Last night was def a slower run…my body was aching the entire time from boot camp the night before…ah well at least I didn’t stop and did it!

I really think I can finish this route sub 50 minutes so next week wish me luck! Hopefully by then my body will be able to handle the added boot camp workouts.

I also weighed myself and I am 145 lbs…wahhh!!! But from now until half marathon I’m not gonna worry so much about my weight cause I just want to focus on my cardio and endurance.

I also realize that now I’m working out more steadily and frequently…I AM ALWAYS HUNGRY! I need to figure out what foods will keep me full for a longer time! I know I have the worst eating habits…sigh.

In good news, I am getting my shoes consulted today to get properly fitted running shoes AND second class of boot camp tonight!

  1. rihammond said: Protein (Tons of eggs, NUTS, yogurts and dubu - meat sometimes, but I can’t eat it in copius amounts) unlimited veg - easy in Korea! I don’t cut out carbs completely, but go for NORMAL/half portions. Portions are smaller than you think. Good luck!
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